NetworkNine - Leadership Development Program

NetworkNine is a well established leadership development program owned and executed by a group of non-executive, experienced ex-CEO level leaders in Norway working together in the KOV5 Partnership.  The program follows a group of executive leaders through a year - addressing a number of specific topics and with individual mentoring.

KOV5 Partners:

    • Birger Magnus, Odd Christopher Hansen, Fredrik Baksaas, Walter Qvam, Harald Norvik, Hanne Rensholt, Peter Melbye, Thor Håkstad, Sven Ole Fagernes, Ingvald Fergestad, Inge Hansen, Egil Myklebust

Practical strategy development, leadership og teambuilding

The continous strategy conversation with management and board

  • What is strategy in today´s business environment
  • Balancing of strategic and operational focus
  • The challenges in operationalizing strategies

The significance of new technologies and business models

  • Basic competence
  • Opportunities and threats
  • Tools, processes

High performing leadership teams

  • The way there, lessons learned, tools and pitfalls

Inspirational, examples and cases from many industries and situations.

Digitalization, innovation and change

The topic Digitalization, what is it in reality, how does it impact the business

  • Technologies, business opportunities, disruption scenarios, competence rquirements 
  • How to execute leadership in a more disruptive environment

How is Innovation accellerated and managed

  • What caracterizes an "innovation culture"
  • From idea to innovation, speed, methods, tools, cases

Transformation and change

  • Dynamic organisation, agility, the "self-navigation" capability of the organisation

Inspirational, cases, lessons learned and examples from many industries


Advisory services to Executive Managment and Boards in companies on M&A, Strategy, Transformation, Team development

Projects or One-to-one coach  

Executive Mentoring

Mentoring engagements for leaders